We’ve taken off


Our initial plan was to take of on August 3 for the Hans Gutmann memorial long range tourist rally to Georgie, but our Cessna Skylane (the 182) with call sign LX-AIX was still in the maintenance. As the plane was finally ready on August 4th, it started to heavily rain in Luxembourg. With western winds a front was passing in Luxembourg. So we were postponing and postponing our departure. At 2pm UTC (4pm local time in Luxembourg) we finally left Luxembourg.

I filed a flight plan to LOLW , Wels airport in Austria. Wels Airfield (ICAO: LOLW) is an airfield serving Wels, a city in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. It is not used for commercial scheduled services but features business and general aviation as well as private and military training flights and medical transportation.

The first part of the flight forced me (as a VFR pilot) to flow relatively low as there were many clouds and some rain from time to time. Visibility has been ok and there was little wind. Only after Stuttgart in Germany, the situation improved a bit. I realised it got impossible to reach Hungary, we have been taken off too laten.

That’s why we ended up landing in Wels.Here’s it was warm and sunny. After a traditional Austrian dinner in a Biergarten,we went early too bed as the plan is to get up early tomorrow morning as the bad weather is following us.

bad weather for departure
many clouds on part I of the flight
the new GNS 650
perfect landing in Wels
our crew: Romain Fouarge, Peter Sodermans, Guido Peterzella
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