A Feathered Surprise: Bird Nest Found in Blackwing Cowling

June 4, 2024

Hello fellow aviators, I wanted to share an unexpected discovery a fellow aviator made recently while inspecting our shared hangar. To my surprise, they found a bird nest tucked inside the cowling of my Blackwing! This unexpected visitor serves as a great reminder of the importance of thorough pre-flight checks. I’ll be heading to the…


Traveling to Sweden to pick up the Blackwing for its first adventure

March 27, 2024

The winter of 2023-2024 has been very wet and cloudy, making it definitely not ideal to travel to Sweden to pick up my Blackwing. It is number 25, produced by Niklas Anderberg and his team. The new Blackwing factory in Landskrona, Sweden, has just opened its doors, and I can’t wait any longer to move…