We’re getting married !


This Friday, We are getting formally married. Kika and I know each other from the mid-’90s, we’re formally engaged since 1999 and our son was born back in 2009. We however never formally married. The Covid-19 crisis with its confinement brought us closer to each other and so we are now marrying this Friday, May 29th. I’m a lucky man as being with Kika made me happier than ever before. She has been flying with me for many years although she is not an aviation enthusiast as I am .

We planned to fly to our place in Tourrettes, France this weekend with a Luxembourg club plane. I already filed a flight plan. However, due to Covid-19, there are still travel restrictions and although I could have a professional ground to travel to Tourrettes, it may not be the best plan. On top, I learned today that the plane I rented since weeks, has no hours left. Very bad as I made a long term reservation. I also checked with my Belgian club, they have the Mooney available, but there’s a restriction in place in the Belgian airspace, which obliges to take off and land at the same airfield. No travel possible. That’s why we unfortunately have to postpone our formal “honeymoon” with a couple of weeks. New plans are already in the make. Nevertheless, we plan a small flight this Saturday to Germany

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