Update from LHJK


Dear Pilots

Although The Initiative Of This Rally Was Driven By Luxembourg, The Official Gathering Point For All Crews To Join Was The Airfield Of Jakabszállás In Hungary (LHJK) With Its Famous Aerohotel (With Swimming Pool And 2 Runways: Grass And Concrete). A Social Event Has Been Setup As Welcome Party, Being An Aviator’s Party With A Live Band Playing Gipsy Music.

Greetings For LHJK Where Already 5 Planes Arrived






The weather is what a summer should look alike, sunny, warm and very nice and whilst we are waiting for the other pilots and planes to arrive, we have some news from Turkey.

Most Of The Restrictions Caused By The Coup Are Lifted, Only Istanbul And Ankara CTR’s Remain Prohabited.

The Letter We Received Yesterday States If We Respect The Rules We Are Authorized To Go Ahead.

Turgut Will Send Us This Evening The New Corridor Which Is Basicly IFR Routes At VFR Levels. This Will Make Your Flight 50 Miles Shorter 🙂

I Need To Send Him At 3pm UTC The Latest List Of Planes/Crew/Passengers To Prepare Customs Documents So You Wont Have To Prepare Anything On Arrival.

So Far I Have No Feedback Or Any News From The Italian Planes, We Still Hope And Encourage Them To Join The Rally As All Obstacles Have Definitively Been Cleared.

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