Two extensive soaring days


The first two days of my mountain flying program are behind me. It has been very intense to say the least. On Monday, we have been flying 4.5 hours (276 kms) and today we have been soaring for 5.5 hours (and performing 433 kms). Today was truly impressive in every way. We were able to achieve the longest registered flight in all of France (see Netcoupe picture)

It has been cold high in the mountains, with temperatures of minus 10° celcius. On the first flight ceilings were not very high and today we had eastern winds high in the mountains, resulting in cloudless skies in some parts of the alps. What is remarkable is that we managed to achieve an altitude of 4 km. above sea level. We’ve taken care to stay out of the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash site area, where an overfly restriction is in place

Here are some pictures and movies taken during these first two days;

southern Alps
Spectacular lake views
Raser la montagne
The pilot’s tools
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