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There’s Some Great News From Turkey ! Dr. Uner Bekoz Of The Elba Aviation Institute Expressly Invites You, Aviator Participating At The Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally To Georgia 2016 To Come To Antalya And Join The Organized Fly In At The Antalya Karain Airfield.. After You Fly Out Of Georgia.

Here’s The Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/elbahavacilik

Antalya Is The Most Peaceful And Touristic Site Of Turkey, Antalya Where You Will Taste The Nature Of History Besides Resting In Utmost Comfort.

Generous invitation to visit Antalya

Given The Political Situation In Turkey, You May Ask Yourself Whether It Is Safe. That’s Why I Discussed Today With Dr Uner Bekoz. He Reassured Me That The Situation In Antalya Is Very Safe. They Are 500 Km Away From Ankara And There’s Absolutely Nothing To Worry About.

You Are Expected To Arrive On August 14th Or 15th And A Tourist Program Is Organized Accordingly By His Organisation.

The Following Is Offered To You Entirely Free Of Charge:

  • Accommodation in a five star resort (2 persons per aircraft will receive a 3 day hotel stay breakfast included free of charge)
  • All airfield service of parking, mashalling, health service etc
  • A trip to historical site of Antalya (Perge, Aspendos and Side) and the Antalya Museum will also be free of charge , including shuttle buses including guides.

On the day of your arrival or the following day (according to our prearrangement) there is a “fly In night” at the airfield to make some fun. They have arranged live music !

And , especially interesting for you, they will serve Avgas and Jet A1, Oil and tires at normal fees.

We further learned they have a full group 3 mechanics to help with possible technical problems at your plane.

Important to know is further that the overall airfield as well as ALL aircrafts and the overall activity will be secured by professional personnel. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

This is a great and very generous offer from Elba Aviation Institute

If you are accepting this rally extension to Antalya, here’s what you need to do in the next couple of days

1.Please send an email to Dr. Uner Bekoz at Elba Havacılık elbahavacilik@gmail.com and copy us (info@georgia2016.eu) that you are accepting/refusing their offer

2.Indicate your call sign and the names of the pilots and passengers aboard.

3. Inform them when you likely expect to arrive.

As there is some logistical work involved for the team of Dr Uner Bekoz, we would like to invite you to send your answer (be it positive or negative) as soon as possible

From a practical point of view, when you fly out of Natakhari in Georgia, it is recommended to fly to Ordug Giresun airport for customs.After refueling at Engiz airport fly from there straight to Antalya, where some more AVGAS is waiting for you

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