Transition to C172SP


I’ve been flying with the C172SP (with G1000) in 2008 whilst doing a two week flying tour from Grand Junction Colorado into Mexico, but I haven’t practiced that plane since.

The flying club Aerosport in Luxembourg has two such a C172SP and my Belgian club Limburgse Vleugels has got one C175S with G1000.

It costs a bit more expensive than a classic C172 (180 € versus 150€ /hour), but has the advantage of having a well functioning auto pilot.

landing at EBZW Zwartberg on 03

I went last weekend to Belgium and have been making a couple of training flights on the C172SP together with my former flying instructor Michel Notelaers, who is also an examinator. These went well and I was able to make some touch and go’s afterwards by myself at the Zwartberg airfield.

I’ll get some additional training as my aim is to master the G1000 configuration completely in the next two months

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