The outcome


We finally agreed that i handed over our cessna 172 to guido peterzelka and his wife as he needs to be back in luxembourg on tuesday morning at latest.

We have some spare tickets left for a regulair airline flight to Luxembourg, so the decision is taken that Guido and his family fly the Cessna back on Eastern Sunday towards Luxembourg. The weather was a bith rough in Avignon ( 2!5 kts of headwind with gusts to 40 kts) , but Guido managed to land the Cessna safely in Luxembourg at sunset.

Next weekend, he returns to Fayence with a regular airline together with a technician in order to fix his plane and fly it back to Luxembourg. Let’s cross fingers it all works out for Guido.

My Eastern 2017 journey ends somewhat different than what we planned, but it was a memorable vacation which I’ll never forget.

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