Telavi (Kakheti province) to Natakhtari


Aug 2, 2015. Afternoon

The airfield of Telavi was absolutely empty…no planes to see. But there’s security and the airfield is secured as well. The airfield is named after Mimino, a georgian bush pilot, who played in a Russian tv series in 1977. The views drom this airfield are absolutely spectacular ( again): you see the wide plains and behind it the Caucasus mountains. Stunning !

Telavi airfield

The city of Telavi is quite small ( 22.000 inhab.). We made a quick tour of the city in a cab and had lunch prior to fly back to our Natakhtari home basis. Hereunder are somme additional pics of tjis memorable day

Landing at Natakhtari airfield – Vanilla Sky in our Cessna 182

After landing, we enjoyed the vibrant music scene at the swimming pool of Natakhtari airport…a unique combination which makes this place even more special.

With temperatures outside nearly 40 degrees, we were happy to end this flying day in a fresh and cool water swimming pool

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