Stop the closing of the Helsinki-Malmi airport !

Helsink-Malmi airport to be closed ???

Dear fellow pilot,

We got the sad news that there are advanced plans to close the Helsinki-Malmi airport (EFHF), which is a catastrophy for general aviation in Finland and Europe.

Hereunder is a petition which needs to be sent to the Finnish members of parliament. It aims to support our initiative to keep the airport of Helsinki-Malmi open.

Don’t think that you are not concerned, every airport faces their problems and that is when pilots come together and support each other.

Please copy paste the text below, fill it out and email it to


Peter Sodermans & Marco Felten

private pilots


Subject: Legislative initiative Lex Malmi

To: All Members of Parliament of Finland

Distinguished Member of Parliament of Finland

Helsinki-Malmi Airport is a world-class historic and cultural treasure. It is a beautifully preserved 1930’s international airport, of which very few have survived to present day in their original use. Such a proud, living monument of an independent nation’s history deserves the respect of the present and future generations.

It Is All The More Important To Save The Living Historic Aviation Milieu Of Helsinki-Malmi Airport As It Is The Backbone Of General Aviation And Pilot Training In Finland.

The Planned Destruction Of This Unique Historic Environment To Make Room For A Suburb Cannot Serve The Greater Good Of Society, Especially When Considerable Areas Of Unused Land Exist Elsewhere In The City And Its Surroundings.

We, The Undersigned, Wish To See Helsinki-Malmi Airport Preserved As An Active Airfield Of Great Historic, Architectural And Functional Value.

Please support legislative initiative, Lex Malmi, to preserve Helsinki-Malmi Airport, listed among the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe in 2016 by Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute. Keeping Malmi Airport in operation does not pose a problem to residential construction in the area. Aviation and residential construction are not mutually exclusive. Both are a part of the prosperous future of the whole capital region and especially all of Finland.

By decision to save Malmi Airport, Parliament of Finland would lead the country of 100 years independence into a new century with courage and determination.



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