Reaching 3.300 meters in a K6

What should have become a local flight today (my first solo gliding flight since a year) turned out to become a very special flying adventure.

I booked an (old) K-6 glider for the day here in Fayence, France. At the briefing, I learned that weather outlook for the day was excellent. I put my glider out, but had to return at my house as I noticed as Ihad some business work to care of. So, it turned out to be 2pm when I took off at LFMF

The plan was to make a local flight, to refreshen my flying skills. This year, I celebrate to be a glider pilot for 35 years. Immediately after releasing the cable from the towing plane , I found a strong updraft: 5 meters/sec !

I flew north, to the Malay mountain and to the Mont Lachens, to the limits of what is called a local circuit. Weather was so nice today. I called Jean Magne, my 83 year old and wise instructor I have been doing my annual check with yesterday and asked him if I could leave the local area. He agreed and so I flex to the Teillion mountain in the north. I continued climbing.

I called Jean again and asked if he agreed that I continue my journey and fly to the Pic de Chamatte mountain. He agreed. 10 minutes later, I flew over the Chamatte mountain with an altitude of 3.300 metres MSL. Amazing as I took off at 220 metres MSL.

I enjoyed the flying so much today and nearly stayed 5 hours in the skies and it was 6.30 pm when I landed again. A truly amazing day !

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