Private flight to Fayence : flying back to Luxembourg :


Return delayed due to bad weather

Bad weather followed us to Fayence and the next day looks really bad. Impossible to take off again and so we have to wait until the sun appears again the next day.

Bad weather

Bad weather never takes long in Fayence however and the next morning, I woke up with clear blue skies and prepared my flight back to Luxembourg.

After take-off, I avoided the so-called “Plan de Canjuers”, north of Fayence, a military training zone and headed west whilst climbing out. The last two years, I tend to use more and more IFR Waypoints when plotting a route on Flight Levels, whereas in the past I used VOR etc.. . We climbed out headed north after Carpentras

Great views over the Southern Alps

As I learned from my previous restaurant experience in Bourg, I was better prepared this time. As the time for lunch was almost over whilst passing Lyon, I called the restaurant of Bourg in flight. The chef remembered me and we passed our lunch order. 15 Minutes later, I landed in Bourg (LFHS) and lunch was served 🙂

After an enjoyable cup of coffee, we took off again for Luxembourg with my son in the co-pilot seat. It is remarkable to see how well he understands the flying at his age of 9. He checks whether his dad hasn’t forgotten anything.

Flying home
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