Preparations rally to Georgia


The winter is rapidly coming to an end in Luxembourg and preparations are on their way with regards to this summer rally to Georgia.

We now have a strong organisation committee, which bundles a lot of individual qualities.

Jean Birgen (known as Jänghi in Luxembourg) is our President and has been presenting our plan to the General Assembly meeting of the FAI General aviation commission in the Acores this winter. We’re happy that we can operate under the FAI general aviation commission brand.

Jean has been the driving force behind previous Hans Gutmann memorial tours and he’s taking up the challenge to bring this 2016 to a good end. We’re also organising this event under the UPL-AOPA brand of Luxembourg.

Two other team members of the organisation committee are young Russian entrepreneurs living in Luxembourg, being Artem Kirillov and Mike (Misha) Kornev. Speaking Russian facilitates the contacts whilst preparing for this rally.

We’ve now started with setting up practical stuff using Google docs and spreadsheets and Doodles. The first issues to tackle are fuel and customs in Georgia and Turkey.

We’re further setting up a advisory board with persons who are contributing to the success of this rally to Georgia

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