Preparation for Melilla


Only a couple of days to go prior that our UPL-AOPA Luxembourg group flying to Melila starts. The trip will be more than 2200 Nautical miles all together, to be performed in 4 flying days. Quite intense to say the least.

From Luxembourg to Melilla

I intend to fly with the Mooney M20J , with call sign OO-LVT starting in Genk Zwartberg (EBZW) where it is based. I received a call that the plane of which the engine and propellor are to be replaced this spring, will undergo on the last two days of April its 100 hour maintenance.

The Plan

So, if everything goes as well, I’ll be taking off in the early evening. This means however we can’t make it from there to Béziers this Tuesday evening. I will need to make a overnight stop somewhere in between. The plan is to do so in Macon. I landed there already two times in the past and it was not too complicated although there’s sometimes lots of traffic.

A good habit is to give them a call and explain your plans. They told me today that on Tuesday they will close the tower at 5 pm, Meaning, we need to hurry up when the planes comes out of the maintenance in Genk in the late afternoon. Any I’ll have to search for a more nearby alternative airfield as well.

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