Official start of the Hans Gutmann memorial long range tourist rally by Minister Goebbels


Dear aviation enthusiasts,

dear pilots,

dear friends

President Jean Birgen and Secretary general Peter Sodermans hereby invite you for the “ Photo Session “ of the official departure of the Memorial Hans Gutmann long range Tourist rally to Georgia this Tuesday evening August 2 at 06.30 p.m. at the Aéro–Sport clubhouse at the Luxembourg airport with the Luxembourg airplanes participating at this pan European event.

Our former Luxembourg Minister of Building , Transport , Economy, his highness Mister Robert Goebbels (also known from the “ Signature “ of the Schengen treaty), will wave our pilots out.

He’s giving the official start of the rally with the red lion flag of Luxembourg !

red lion flag of Luxembourg
Jean Birgen, Minister Robert Goebbels, Peter Sodermans
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