No flying on Sunday but biking at Ile d’Yeu


No flying on Sunday. We planned this journey by alternating days between flying and tourist activities. This makes it more comfortable for everyone. Toda.y, we discovered the island of Yeu by biking around it. Google maps proved to be very inventive as it guided us on biker trails inside the country where not many bikes did pass yet to say the least. Very sportive and healthy day.

We enjoyed lunch on the road in a bar with inhabitants of the island, where the only thing one could eat was “saucise”. It proved to be tasty. My son is a big fan of ” mente à l’eau” , which he enjoys whenever he is in France.

We continued our beach journey through the island of Yeu. What a neat place to discover with our friends. We enjoyed lunch in a small harbor with only one open air restaurant

By the end of the afternoon, it got really warm and we took a nap at the beach, where we suddenly saw the fog arrive from the sea. It took only a couple of minutes, it felt like some kind of horror movie.

We quickly biked back to town after a very enjoyable day together with the Peterzelka family enjoying excellent food. This time, no one got ill. All the places we enjoyed lunch or dinner in France have been very nice. Tripadvisor proved to be a good travel compagnon.

Everyone was exhausted at the end of this day and we got rather early to bed as the day of tomorrow with a scheduled flight to Spain will be beautiful again.

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