Next route : from San Sebastian towards Sabadell nearby Barcelona


This Wednesday morning, the weather looks good and I have prepared a flight all over Spain from the Atlantic shores to the Meditarrean nearby Barcelona, where we schedule to land at the Sabadell airfield. We’ve booked a hotel at the city center of Barcelona for 2 nights. On the left sight, we’ll have the Pyrenees mountains. Sounds like a good plan.

In advance of this trip, I read and heard that Spanish airports are sometimes troublesome. Not for us. All the experiences we had were good, but I must say we were well prepared and I contacted all the airports in advance. A simple call can do miracles. Communication is the key.

The flight as such was absolutely wonderfull. Stunning views of northern Spain which looked remarkabely green at this time of the year. Big ( BIG ) fun and a highlight of this private pilot vacation with my family. Enjoy the pictures below.

My son likes to be the co-pilot, asking all the time questions ….:)

And than, suddenly out of nowhere, a mountain ridge in front of us with a famous construction on it. The monastery of Montserrat. A tourist spot by excellence , but the best views you get from the Cessna LX-AIO passing nearby.

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