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The organisation team met twice last week in Luxembourg, here are the minutes and open action points

NrAirportItemDeadlineAssigned to
1LuxembourgGuido to contact Aviabel insurance by email to obtain Georgia insurance certificate for LX-AIX and LX-AIEAsapGuido
2LHJKAs we have a large group of pilots, some 14 planes, Peter to inform Jakabszállás in Hungary about our AVGAS requirements based upon the input of our participating pilots so that they can ensure to have enough AVGAS availableasapPeter
3LHJKRomain informed us that the Aerohotel team in Hungary informed him that customs on demand is not available at LHJK. It is advised to pilots to land at LHUD (Szeged) after leaving LHJK. There’s AVGAS at 700 forint, whereas in Bulgaria this will be way more expensive (3.5€/l?)Every individual pilot assisting at the rally
4LHJKNo landing fees are due in LHJK
5LHJKMike and Artem are to distribute in LHJK a MTX sim card and toolbox, allowing to participating pilotys to have WIFI and 3G on board of their planes whilst flying to Georgia. There’s a good packet free of charge. They will have a sticker available to put on the planes willing to benefit from this as this is entirely sponsored by MTX ConnectAsapArtem/Mike
6LBSFSofia needs to ask for group handling for all planes except Turkish ones. Turgut to introduce his Bulgarian contact Rosen to Peter for this purposeAsapPeter Turgut
7LBSFSofia needs to ask for group handling for all planes except Turkish ones. Turgut to introduce his Bulgarian contact Rosen to Peter for this purposeAsapPeter Turgut
8LBSFSofia airport: in order to avoid important handling costs, it is recommended to insert “technical handling-fuel stop” in your flight plan (part 18). It seems that handling costs can be waived. Turgut will try to get confirmation of his Bulgarian contact Rosen.
Also to check on Avgas in Sofia
9LBSFBulgarian authorities may sometimes be harsh, Peter to contact Rosen in Bulgaria in order to check what is needed for smooth handlingasapPeter
10LBSFIf problems should arise with Avgas in Sofia, pilots can always land in LTBU – Corlu in Turkey. Avgas and customs are possible, but handling could be expensive – please insert “technical handling-fuel stop” in your flight plan (part 18). It seems that handling costs can be lowered or waivedinfoAll pilots
11TurkeyTurgut to prepare sample flight plans for flights to, within and from Turkey, which will be distributed amongst the participants
o   Sofia – Bursa
o   Bursa- Engiz airfield
o   Engiz – Batumi
12TurkeyFuel in Turkey is to be paid in cash in Euros or Turkish currency. Small amounts of cash needed (no 200€ or 500€ bills)
No credit cards accepted. To communicate to all pilots.
July 25Every individual pilot assisting at the rally
13TurkeyEvery plane needs to bring along at least one AOPA membership card in order to benefit from lowered handling fees in both Bursa Yenesehir and Engiz airport. This is compulsaryAugust 3Every individual pilot assisting at the rally
14TurkeyA flight plan is required for every flight within Turkey
15TurkeyTurgut to provide some input with regards to weather briefing in TurkeyAsapTurgut
16TurkeyAt LTBR there’s some technical support available, at Engiz airport all technical support is available.
17LTBRBursa-Yenisehir: It is possible we get a dinner offered by the municipality of Bursa whilst our landing on August 6 (unconfirmed at this stage)Turgut
18LTBRBursa-Yenisehir: as the two hotels we suggested in the Bursa-Yenisehir area are quite far from each other (40 min drive) and given that we might have an evening dinner offered by the municipality, it is suggested to all participants to only make reservations in the Montania Special Class Hotel***** at Mudanya, Bursa. It is set in a 165-year-old train station on the seafront of Mudanya, Montania Special Class Hotel and awarded as the The Middle East’s Best Classic Boutique Hotel by World Boutique Hotel Awards, combines modern amenities with a historical atmosphere. The places is somewhat special as it is the train station where the World war 1 peace treaty was signed. So, here’s the booking link . If still possible, please cancel your reservation at Hotel Zeytin Bahcesi*** (Olive garden) at Iznik, Bursa.asap
Every individual pilot assisting at the rally
19LTBRTurgut will join crew of LX-AVS at LTBRAugust 6
20LTBRAVGAS in Turkey: the general rule is that AVGAS is available in Western Turkey and MOGAS in Eastern Turkey. Team member Turgut will draft a list which we will publish on our blog which Turkish airfield having AVGAS available, where we could eventually landasapTurgut
21LTBRA demand was received from Hilmi of Istanbul flying club, in order to take along some spare parts. To be forwarded individuallyAsapPeter
Piper Saratoga D-ENRG Peter Antony to follow different timing/routing to Georgia.
· August 7th.
o   LOAV dep 12.00 loc, arr. Belgrade LYBE 14.00 loc for fuel stop
o   LYBE dep 15.00 loc 4 h fligt + 1 h time difference arr. LTBR 20.00 h loc time
Peter S. arranged with Hilmi Incircioglu of Istanbul aviation club that their tanker will stay one day longer in order to serve 300 liter of AVGAS to D-ENRG of Peter Antony
23ZZZZEngiz airfield: standard circuit. Details of this airfield including aerial views and frequencies have been posted earlier on the blog
24ZZZZDraft list with indicated fuel demands at Engiz airport, so that Turgut can ensure there’s enough AVGAS availableAsapPeter/Turgut
25ZZZZEngiz airfield: flight plan needs to be closed by calling to Samsun airport, this is compulsory
26ZZZZEngiz airfield: this airfield is not on listed on the Skydemon map for Turkey. Guido to contact Skydemon owner to fix thisAsapGuido
27LTCBLanding at Ordu Giresun is necessary for customs. This is a sea airport –spectacular views to be expected. There is no AVGAS at Ordu Giresun.
28GeorgiaMike Kornev in contact with Levan Karanadze of Georgian civil aviation authority in order to check whether a simplified paper filing is possible18 JulyGuido
29GeorgiaMike Kornev to send out whitepaper to participating pilots with the papers which need to be submitted to Georgian authorities prior to July 25th (soft deadline).
Passing the Georgian border and customs in Batumi Int’l Airports without any special procedures but all pilots need to send the documents hereunder in an individual email directly to Central Dispatching Service of Georgia  before July 25th (to have some time in case of questions). This is a requirement of Central Dispatching Service to clear border crossing and flights inside Georgia.
The following documents needs to be bundled in a PDF and sent together with a cover letter to
1.    Certificate of registration of civil aircraft
2.    Certificate of airworthiness
3.    Appendix of certificate of airworthiness N1
4.    Insurance policy for:
a.    The crew
b.    Passengers
c.    Luggage
d.    Third persons
5.    Pilot(s) licenses
6.    Pilot(s) medical certificates
The insurance for airplane must specifically mention that it is valid in Georgia.
19 JulyMike
30GeorgiaA flight plan is required for every flight within Georgia
31GeorgiaPlan B Artem informs that there’s an additional 5 tons of expired fuel available in Georgia in case of emergency. This comes from civil military services.
32GeorgiaThree Belgian planes are expected to join us in Batumi (Karel Vranken group) which the end destination of their own fly-outAugust 7
34GeorgiaMike will continue to update the navigation part of the website. He’ll add the approach charts which are to be delivered by Vanilla Sky for Natkahari and Batumi. He’ll try to be as complete as possible.AsapMike
35GeorgiaPilots are recommended to purchase a road map of Georgia as backupAsapEvery individual pilot assisting at the rally
36GeorgiaAll fuel in Georgia is delivered in barrels, a manual fuel pomp is required in both Batumi and Natakhari. It has to be arranged that Vanilla Sky ensures to have a manual fuel pomp at both locationsAsapArtem
37GeorgiaThere’s a total of 4400 liter AVGAS available for our pilots in Georgia of which 3560 liter is prepaid by our pilots. As subscriptions are closed, fuel requirements of prepaid AVGAS in both Natakhari (2620l AVGAS) and Batumi (940l AVGAS) per plane are now firmly known. We’ll reconfirm in a proper writing the ordered AVGAS per plane at both Batumi and Natkahari locations to Vanilla Sky / Serviceair so they arrange their distribution management.AsapPeter
38GeorgiaThere is some 840 liters of AVGAS left for pilots willing to fly within Georgia. This is distributed on a first come, first served basis and needs to be paid to Vanilla Sky/Service Air. We’ll communicate this policy in a letter to Vanilla Sky managementAsapPeter
39GeorgiaWe learned that Georgia requires that the insurance papers of the plane specifically mention that Georgia is covered. This can be a showstopper for pilots who fail to deliver this.Every individual pilot assisting at the rally
40GeorgiaThe tourist program of Georgia is accepted as such. A subscription form needs to be drafted and send out to all pilots. Order intake and management needs to be ensured by Vanilla SkyAsapArtem/Guido
41GeorgiaPilots shall receive receipts for the fuel they buy in Georgia from Vanilla Sky. Artem to discuss how this will work out related to the final bill every pilot will receive from Vanilla SkyArtem
42UGSBBoth our suggested hotels in Batumi are not too far from each other. Arrange for dinner location at sea shore in Batumi.30 JulyVanilla Sky
43UGSBTo arrange with Vanilla Sky in order to ensure a set of barrels for the late arrival of some planes is scheduled in Batumi together with a hand help pumpAsapArtem
44UGSBArtem agreed with Vanilla Sky that individual handling fees in Batumi are invoiced by Batumi airport to Vanilla Sky, who will re-invoice it at their turn to the individual plane owners. Artem to clarify with Vanilla Sky what the scheduled handling fees are in Batumi.AsapArtem
45UGSBPiper Saratoga D-ENRG Peter Antony to follow different timing/routing to Georgia.
· August 8th
o   LTBR dep 10.00 loc 4,5 h flight + 1 h time difference arr Batumi UGSB 15.30 loc
o   Planning to arrive in UGSA Natakhari on late afternoon
Peter to arrange with Vanilla Sky that 60 liter AVGAS in cherry cans is left behind at Batumi airfield for D-ENRG
46UGSAA welcome party is organized at Natakhari on August 8 in the evening as part of the tourist program which Vanilla Sky has been putting togetherEvery individual pilot assisting at the rally
47UGSAA car needs to be rented for the organization team in Natakhari to ensure additional flexibilityAsapMike Kornev
A  generous offer has been received by the municipality of Antalya, offering our pilots on their way back to Western Europe 3 nights stayover in a 5 star resort plus a tourist program.
A proper invitation should be send out to our participating pilots
49AntalyaA  generous offer has been received by the municipality of Antalya, offering our pilots on their way back to Western Europe 3 nights stayover in a 5 star resort plus a tourist program.
The website needs to be adjusted in order to show this as a tour extension
50AntalyaA  generous offer has been received by the municipality of Antalya, offering our pilots on their way back to Western Europe 3 nights stayover in a 5 star resort plus a tourist program.
Participating pilots should confirm to Turgut by email whether they will participate to this tourist program
AsapEvery individual pilot assisting at the rally
51generalFlight plans can be submitted 5 days in advance only, several pilots will use DFS
52GeneralOil reserve: pilots are recommended to take extra oil with them throughout the rally as it might not be obvious to find appropriate oil on our road to GeorgiaRally departureAll pilots
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