Traveling to Sweden to pick up the Blackwing for its first adventure


The winter of 2023-2024 has been very wet and cloudy, making it definitely not ideal to travel to Sweden to pick up my Blackwing. It is number 25, produced by Niklas Anderberg and his team. The new Blackwing factory in Landskrona, Sweden, has just opened its doors, and I can’t wait any longer to move north..

Traveling to Sweden with Claude Kisch

My trusted friend and experienced Blackwing owner, Claude Kisch, agreed to travel with me to Sweden, as I clearly need a safety pilot to fly this plane to its home base in northern France. Some things coincide in life, and by the end of March 2024, there seems to be a possibility to travel to Sweden.

I traveled to Sweden two days earlier than Claude, as I had asked the avionics engineer and Swedish examiner Poul Strømberg for some basic training on my plane. This is a complex plane, and it is very different from flying a Mooney, which I am used to..

The first flights are impressive. I feel very happy and convinced that I made the right choice with Blackwing, which seems to me to be the best plane in its class.

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