Mon professeur préféré Eric Buyens not in Tienen anymore


My first flying instructor was Eric Buyens in the late 80’s at the Hasselt, Belgium airfield. I only have good memories of Eric and his lessons. His was very exam focused in teaching me the theory of flying and practicing radio lessons with him. He was as well my flying instructor. I got very well along with him. He was perfectly bilingual. His courses worked our very well, I passed all exams with such a high score, I remember I even achieved even the score of 100% on reglementation and meteorology back in that time. Great memories. Eric moved however to the flying club of Tienen in Belgium. That’s the last update I ever got.

On June 25th, 2017 as I was planning a solo precision flight and looking for a nice airfield, I stumbled upon Tienen for a short flight from Genk Zwartberg.

The Tienen airfield proved to be very outdated, it looks being back in the 1950’s, such an old and dated infrastructure. The welcome was nice although.

After landing, I asked for Eric Buyens but they did not know him here anymore. Strange story as he has been flying here many years.  I hope to meet him again sometime. If any reader of this blog knows, drop me a comment hereunder

Eric Buyens – flight instructor
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