Minutes meeting


We’ve had a constructive meeting with the organisation team and very good progress was made. As we like with our new organisation team to have an open approach, we hereby share the minutes of our meeting and related action points:

organisation teamù Hans Gutmann rally 2016


  • The routing of the upcoming rally has now been finalized. Peter Sodermans creates a google spreadsheet with the details, which is published as well on the blog (done).
  • Mike Kornev will complete Peter’s Google spreadsheet with navigation details, to show pilots the distance betweens the legs and what the availibity of AVGAS concerns on our way to Georgia

Subscription fee:

  • There’s a one-time 250€ subscription fee per plane for participating at the rally, independently of the number of passengers.Mike Kornev is to open bank account this week for allowing pilots to subscribe. It is agreed that only when the due amount is duly received that an inscription of a participating plane is validated. We’ll shortly publish on the website a list what is included in the subscription fee.
  • As mentioned on the blog post related to fuel, any pilot who likes to buy fuel in Georgia needs to calculate and commit in advance. A payment needs to be secured for this purpose to the account Mike is to open.
  • Mike/Artem to update the rules and terms of the rally so that it fits legally as we are a non-profit collective of individual pilots organizing this memorial


  • Jean Birgen has reserved the Aero Hotel at our gathering point in Hungary.
  • Guido Peterzelka will review hotels around the airfields where we are staying overnight on our way to Natakhari, meaning aroudn Yenisehir in Turkey and Batumi in Georgia. We’ll select two hotels per location, a first class hotel and a cheaper alternative. Pilots and their passengers should make reservations and manage these themselves via a link we’ll provide (booking.com); Guido will come up with a proposal for hotels on both these places. Wifi availability is a must at any hotel
  • In Georgia, there’s a nice hotel located directly at the swimming pool. Artem to arrange that we book the whole hotel for our pilot’s team at least for the first night of arrival. We will likely have more pilots than rooms available at Natakhari, Artem to coordinate with Vanilla Sky to have alternatives in Georgia available. Further, Guido and Artem to seek alternative lodging options in Georgia./li>

Flying over Tbilisi:

  • Peter to check with Georgian authorities (GCAA)whether we can get a permission to fly in a formation over the capital of Tbilisi on August 9. This would be nice and give the rally some visibility.

Tourist part:

  • Several pilots have announced to let their family come over by regular flights in order to spent holidays in Georgia. Guido to contact the agency caucasusjourneys so that they can work out tailors made trips for individual families, as every one has their own idea what they like to visit in Georgia.
  • Peter to connect Guido with Amiran Ivanidze of the Georgian of the Georgian Tourist agency
  • Artem iwill check with Vanilla Sky’s Amiran (seems a popular name in Georgia btw) in order to get flying routes to Mestia, Telavi, Batumi etc…in advance, so pilots can fly these routes whilst their stay in Georgia.


  • Mike Kornev to further update the website


  • Jean Birgen to ask Marco Felten to design a nice looking official map, now the routes are known

SIM Card

  • Mike and Artem to arrange that pilots get a data sim card which can be used during the rally provided by their company MTX Connect. Details to be announced in the package details about the 250€ subscription fee.

Customs Procedure & Handling Cost

  • Romain Fouarge will check up the customs issue at the airports we’re attending. He’ll contact the individual airports and will check opening times, rules and regulations. It is suggested to add the obtained information to the Google online spreadsheet.
  • In advance of the start of the rally, the individual airports need to be informed by Romain that a large number of airplanes will visit their airport, in order to ensure a proper handling and to avoid bottlenecks.
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