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Skydemon is expanding rapidly with their maps of European FIR’s and recently made some great efforts with regards to Eastern Europe. I’ve been using therefore Skydemon in parallel to Jeppesen on my Ipad. The good point about Skydemon is that we can use them on our rally to Georgia all the way from Luxembourg to Turkey (included). However, Georgia is not mapped by them although general aviation starts developping over there. 

Our organisation team member Guido Peterzelka therefore contacted Skydemon Tim Lawson. Unfortunately, Tim Lawson of Skydemon learned us that Turkey was a huge amount of effort for Skydemon, for very little reward, and it’s unlikely Skydemon would chart Georgia any time soon….. too bad !

So, do we have to procure ourselves with road maps of Georgia ? Nope, there’s a map of Georgia which can be found online at Skyvector, which is quite instructive

Aerial map of republic of Georgia

Flying around in Georgia is different from Western Europe. Our team members Artem Kirillov and Mike Kornev are cooperating with the Vanilla Sky team at Natakhari airfield in order to work out some routes within Georgia. Last year, Jean Birgen and myself have been flying the route between Tbilisi and tropical (and moist) Batumi. There were some low hanging clouds in Batumi, but the views on this road were absolutely spectacular.

beautiful Batumi in Georgia
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