It was a secret. At the airfield of Goch (EDLG) a drink cost only 1 euro !


From Hilversum, we took off after lunch and I flew to Goch in Germany (EDLG). It is a grass airfield with glider activities as well.

From Holland (EHHV) via Goch (EDLG) to Zwartberg (EBZW)

After landing, we were instructed to park next to the tower. We were searching and passed next to it without noticing it was the tower 🙂

Time for a coke. When walking to the clubhouse, all the people we met spoke…dutch. Strange, but these dutch speaking persons explained us that flying at Goch is so much easier than in Holland, that’s why all these dutch pilots come and spend their weekends over here.

the “Tower” of EDLG
with Rotax engine

The clubhouse is quite nice. It was quite warm, but it is nicely decorated with all kind of planes. There are even some plane seats where one can sit for a drink.

We were quite surprised to find out that a drink only costed 1€. Amazing for 2014. This are prices of three decades ago. As we still have to fly home today, we can’t taste a fresh pint of beer. Too bad.

After having a drink at the Goch airfield, we head a seamless flight back to Belgium. We were a bit embarrassed that we landed 5 minutes too late, meaning after our slot has ended. But we learned that the pilot who booked the plane after us, canceled his flight…no worries

All by all, this was one of the better flights we’ve been making since a while. It was a truly memorable day and I returned happy and satisfied back home.

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