IAOPA 141st meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland


I am on my way to Rovaniemi in Finland for the 141st European meet8ng of IAOPA. This is the second time I’ll attend. This year, the event is organised by AOPA Finland at the Xmas village

In the most northern part of Finland where we are now, auroras can cover the whole sky.
  • A presentation by Lutz Dommel / RPP Group about drones and their integration into the airspace
  • A presentation about the issue of airspace infringements, which will be given next week at a first Eurocontrol workshop, more such workshops will follow over the year
  • Our input to EASA´s European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS), which was forwarded in a consolidated way after a coordination with EAS, GAMA and others via the General Aviation Committee
  • On the plane from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, I already met an old friend, Turgut Kulacoglu of Istanbul who’s joining the meeting as well. I have such a good memories of Turgut, which go back to 2016. He was so helpfull for the first long range rallye I organized for AOPA to Georgia,Europe. Great friends, great adventures !

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