Helicopter in Luxembourg


June is the most popular flying month, simply because of the length of the days. On June 10th, I received early in the morning a call from my French friend Maurice with a very generous offering to join him for a flight in his helicopter over Luxembourg. Great weather, great idea and we planned to attend the BBQ organized that same weekend at the airfield of Noertrange in the north of Luxembourg. My son is always happy to join, this time was no different. Our friend Valerie Dumas is also joining. I notified Mika Wagner, head of the Young Pilots and that’s how our great helicopter journey started.

Maurice’s Robinson 44 helicopter is located at the Chambley airfield. He picked us up at Luxembourg airport. Here’s the picture report

Maurice and his helicopter
take off at Luxembourg airport
Cockpit view
Kirchberg Luxembourg
Luxembourg castle
more castles
perfect weather
Luxembourg landscape
arrival at Noertrange airfield
other visitor with great old timer
Luxembourg BBQ starts
more planes flying in
Luxembourg Young pilots are the BBQ organizers
aviation enthusiast
Mika Wagner plane
skydiving hangar
preparing for action
my son is also an aviation enthusiast
Robinson 44
Thank you Maurice for this nice flight
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