Georgian flying: Natakhtari to Batumi at the Black sea coast (Adjania province 1)


August 3, 2015

The plan for today was to explore the coastal area of Batumi, in the south eastern part of Georgia in the Adjana province.

Early in the morning, we headed from our Tbilisi hotel ( British House) to our Natakhtari hub where we prepared to take off. The weather in Batumi is often quite different than in The Tbilisi region, it is not different today. Batumi has many low hanging clouds and there’s some risk for CB’s.

Flying from tbilisi to Batumi, we effectively saw the landscape change and become much greener and we’be been overflying many lush valleys. The ceilings were quite low when approaching Batumi.

We’ve been flying along the coast of Batumi and sw the remarkable architecture of their boulevard buildings. It seems Las Vegas, all very modern.

Landing at Batumi was perfect, air traffic control speaks well English I noted.

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