Georgia farewell dinner hosted by Amrian Manjavidze – Vanilla Sky


August 4, 2015 – evening

Our short exploration visit of Georgia comes to an end. The owner of the Tarakhtari airfield, Amiran Manjavidze, who operates Vanilla Sky and Service air warmly invited us for a farewell dinner in his own restaurant.

On our way to his place, we took a picture of what once the statue of Lenin was…now resting with a whole in in head on a field nearby Tbilisi.

bye bye Lenin

The four of us agreed that Georgia is a truly hidden gem. This country has so much to offer in every single way. The highest mountains of Europe, great landscap, super friendly people, nice architecture and probably one of the finest kitchens in the world.

Here under are some pictures of our farewell dinner

dinner nexwt to the swimming pool
Amiran Manjavidze, his charming wife and the four of us
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