Fuel stop scheduled at Engiz airport, Turkey


I was a bit confused as I could not find anything on Engiz airport in Turkey, which is the scheduled fuel stop on our way to Georgia:It does not show up here in this Wikepedia list and neither in this detailed listand it has no ICAO code either ? It cannot be found in Skydemon (where this airfield is not mentioned either, although a GA one).In fact, I didn’t find any info about this airport our friend Turgut was mentioning. Is it a secret airfield Turgut learned me there are some other interesting GA fields in Turkey but they are not listed anywhere.

The answers are herunder:

First, here’s an aerial view of Engiz airport (Google earth), but you can’t find it on Google maps strangely enough. Here’s the kmz file of Engiz airfield which you can use in Google Earth. The GPS coordinates are  41°30’38.40″N and  36° 7’10.89″O

Engiz airport, norrthwest of Samsun, directly near the beach
Engiz airport

Our Friend Turgut Kulacoglu Provided Some More Details On The So Called Engiz Airfield (Nearby Samsun University), To Which He Flies Quite Often.

First, Engiz Does Not Have An ICAO Code. We’ll Use ZZZZ In Flight Plans.

Actually Engiz Airport Was A Grass Field In The Past. Buildings Around Were Tobacco Silos.

The University Got The Field From Turkish Government 3 Years Ago And Paved It To Use For Training.

It Is A ZZZZ Field With 2 Huge Hangars. All You Do Is Approach There Under Control Of Samsun Carsamba Airport, Turgut Does It All The Time. They Have Sufficient Avgas (Latest Info Avgas Price Is Currently US$ 2.90 Or Approx. 2.65 Euro/Lt.). Please Bring Your AOPA Membership Card With You As It Reduces The Handling Cost From 70 To 35€

Further, Turgut Learned Me They Have Got Minor And Major Maintenance And They Are Very Friendly As Such:)

They Even Have Medical Check For Aviators .

Approach Is Via Samsun Carsamba Airport Appr/Tower

Frequencies Are :

  • CARSAMBA Approach:118.17
  • CARSAMBA Approach:118.22
  • CARSAMBA ATIS:129.35
  • CARSAMBA Tower:118.27
  • CARSAMBA Tower:118.35
Samsun Engiz airfield (University) 1
Samsun Engiz airfield runway 19(University) 2
Samsun Engiz airfield hangars (University) 3

On Our Arrival Day Engiz Will Give Us A Frequency To Handle The Landing And Ground Traffic.

After Refueling At Engiz You Can Fly From There To Ordu-Giresun To Handle The Customs Formalities And Fly To Batumi.

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