Foreflight and Jeppesen Flite Deck


Most of the private pilots I know in Luxembourg en Belgium are using Air Nav Pro, Skydemon or Jeppesen Flite Deck on their Ipad’s. All of them have got their pro’s and con’s. As we were preparing to take off for our USA flying adventure, we learned that in the US, there’s another program which seems very, very popular amongst private pilots, being Foreflight.

Initially my plan was to use Jeppesen Flite Deck as well in the US, that’s why I extended my EU subscription of the program with the US maps etc… seems to work fine as such. I like Jeppesen Flite Deck, maybe because I don’t know better.

We received from the Parkwestair tour organisers a csv file with many user waypoints for our upcoming southwest flying adventure. Quite practical, but impossible to enter these in my current Jeppesen program. Reason enough to buy a basic 3 months subscription of foreflight for less than 50 USD.Let’s give it a try.

The interface to import these waypoints via Itunes proved to be more complicated than I expected, but it worked out anyway. So now I’m learning to work with foreflight. It seems to me the program is very intuitive and not so complicated to learn, just a lot of things to go through. At first glance, it seems much better than Jeppesen Flite Deck, I’ll be able to fully judge this after our US trip

foreflight versus Jeppesen Flite Deck
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