Final comments and thoughts

final comments – 1


Because of the military coup attempt in Turkey a couple of weeks prior to our departure, we were able to fly only the VFR routes which have been especially put in place for our rally members.
We received a waiver from the Turkish Ministry which allowed us to skip the sometimes hefty handling charges one may encounter in Georgia

We’ve interacted with Skydemon in the months in advance to the rally and they have now Turkey embedded in the VFR charts system, which proved to be very practical

final comments – 2


Absence of VFR charts, whilst we had the obligation to fly in a corridor via Batumi to our final destination Natakhtari. All flights need to be submitted to a central dispatching unit days in advance. However, they have proven to be very flexible and by the time we left Georgia, giving them a call was sufficient. Georgians are doing their utmost best to welcome European pilots as they are integrating with Europe.
We’ve insisted to Skydemon to add Georgia as well in the VFR charts offering, but they have no plans in this regard unfortunately.

sportive character rally

Because of the route restrictions in Turkey and Georgia and narrow corridors which had to be flown, we decided to skip the sportive part of the MEMORIAL HANS GUTMANN TOURIST RALLY FLIGHT GEORGIA 2016 and focus rather on the tourist part of the event.

A new destination for general aviation

One can clearly state that Turkey and Georgia are new general aviation destinations which we can recommend without any hesitation

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