Early morning flight to Gouzy Sedan in France


This weekend, it was a sunny one. All planes in the luxembourg club were booked, but i managed to secure a plane early sunday morning at 08.30 am. My 7 year old son joined me enthusiastically as always and so we took off an headed to a place i never been to before, the airfield of gouzy sedan. We did not fly on a direct route, we first flew over our own house, but the rest of the family was still in bed….

Gouzy Sedan

We flew with a cessna 172s , the lx-aie. Our flight took some 45 minutes. We made a quick landing at the airfield…but no action or mouvement whatsoever at this early hour. Shortly afterwards we returned on a direct flight back to luxembourg. There was some incoming traffic (ryanair, lufthansa) and so we had to make some 360’s over the bravao waypoint, but the friendly controller arranged us a quick landing. My son loves this kind of little trips. We’ll likely repeat it to another destination.

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