The new season should have started well, but it hasn’t. First there’s was the fly out to Texel with Aéro-Sport I was supposed to attend with my family, but due to bad weather, I had to cancel our weekend.

Last weekend, we planned to fly for three days to Koksijde at the Belgian coast and again, it was no weather for VFR pilots. I have been driving by car to the Belgian coast. Pfft

Too bad.

I can only hope that the upcoming fly out in two weeks to the Champagne region I have been setting up will work out better.

Here’s the program- copied from the blog

Aéro-sport cordially invites you and your family to our:


« La vie est nulle sans bulles »May 16th-17th 2015
Luxembourg – Troyes (LFQB)La Ferté Alais (LFFQ) – Luxembourg: 352 NM

This upcoming fly-out of Aéro-Sport brings us to the French Champagne region.


Tuesday May 12th

6pmPre tour briefing at the Aéro-Sport clubhouse

Friday May 15th

6pmDeparture Team A: ELLX to Troyes (LFQB)
Check-in at your hotel
Group dinner at Grand Tulip Hotel (former Novotel) adjacent to the Troyes airfield

Saturday May 16th

8amDeparture Team B: ELLX to Troyes (LFQB)
10.30amVisit historical sites of Troyes or shopping at outlet store McArthurGlen
2pmDeparture Team C: ELLX to Troyes (LFQB)
6pmAll teams will be picked up at the two listed hotels and will be transported per bus to the PENOT winery for champaign tasting, followed by a dinner offered by Martine and Claude PENOT.
12pmReturn by bus to hotel

Sunday May 17th

7amWeather update and swimming pool
10.30amDeparture all teams for La Ferté Alais (LFFQ) – landing at LFFQ only with authorisation
3pmVisit of the flying museum of the Jean Salis association
6pmDeparture for ELLX
Weekend at Champagne
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