AVGAS issue in Georgia has been addressed


Our organisation team member Artem Kirillov has been quite active in order to ensure that our group get’s access to AVGAS in Georgia. The issue here was that in Georgia, planes fly with MOGAS. Further, general aviation as such is only at the beginning in Georgia.

AVGAS issue in Georgia has been addressed

The owner of the Natakhari airport and Vanilla Sky operation, Amiran Manjavidze, who warmly welcome our exploration team last year is willing to help our pilots out.

Here are the details of the agreement which Artem has made with Amiran Manjavidze of Vanilla Sky on the AVGAS delivery;

  • Amiran of Vanilla Sky is ready to order AVGAZ 100LL in the amount of 5000 liters.
  • Amiran will forward us the Quality and Conformity Certificates for the fuel and the validity date within couple of days.
  • Amiran of Vanilla Sky is ready to purchase and deliver fuel to Georgia on his behalf without prepayment from us under the following conditions:
  • Organizing Committee issues an official Guaranty Letter that Rally with consume minimum 2000 liters.
  • in the actual consumption is less than 2000 liters Rally members should complete additional payment towards this minimum amount.
  • Vanilla Sky will be offering fuel on per-customer basis accepting local/foreign cash and major international credit cards.
  • Primary re-fueling site will be Natakhtari Airfield (Vanilla Sky hangars)
  • Optional re-fueling can be provided at Batumi International Airport (exact amount should be communicated to Vanilla Sky reasonably in advance to give them time to negotiate Batumi Airfield Security Zone access permission and re-fueling apron)

Further, Artem agreed with Amiran

Manjavidze of Vanilla Sky that

  • Airport fees in Batumi and Tbilisi International cannot be waived as these airports operated by private Turkish Company and Georgian Government has no abilities to issue a waiver.
  • Vanilla Sky will be collecting Airport duties for Mestia and Telavi airfield.
  • Vanilla Sky will provide NavAids and Pilot Briefing before departure from Batumi to Natakhari.
  • An VAnilla Sky Georgian appointed pilot with all required charts and waypoint list will arrive to Batumi and conduct the briefing.

What remains to be done:

  • An official letter from Vanilla Sky that fuel in amount of 5000 liters is confirmed among with all certificates and conformity papers and retail price to be published on Georgia-2016 web site.
  • We should define Fuel Deposit terms and conditions for Rally Members to be collected in addition to Subscription Fee already announced.
  • We should inform all pilot to do accurate Fuel Planning and share the Georgia part of the Planning with Organizing Committee as soon as possible.
  • Once Fuel Confirmation Letter has been granted we should official Start the Rally and continue all other negotiations regarding accommodation and leisure program.
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