Avgas in LTBR (Bursa Yenisehir, Turkey)


We Have Been In Touch With Hilmi Incircioglu Of The Instanbul Aviation Club And He Confirmed The Availability Of AVGAS @LTBR. This Is An Important Stop For Our 14 Planes On Their Way To Georgia.

He Is Planning To Have Their Tanker Ready With Some 2500 Lt Of AVGAS Both For Our 13 Planes Arriving On August 6 As A Contingency And Also To Refuel The Aircraft Of Peter Antony (D-ENRG) Arriving On August 7th With 300 Additional Lt Of AVGAS.

The Price Of Avgas Will Be 2.65 EUR Per Liter.

The Handling Costs Are 35 Eur Per Aircraft, Provided At Least One Of The Occupants Of The Aircraft Presents A Valid AOPA Card. Othervise The Handling Cost Will Be 70eur Per Aircraft.

Only Cash Is Accepted As Payment, Either In Turkish Liras Or Euros.

We Can Either Refuel On The 6th August In The Afternoon When We Arrive Or On The 7th In The Morning.

They Suggest However To Refuel All Aircrafts On 6th In The Afternoon As There Will Be Some Spare Time While We Will Be Waiting For All The Aircraft To Arrive Before We Head To Bursa To Our Hotels. By Doing So No Time Will Be Lost Before The Departure On 7th Morning.

So It Has Also Been Formally Confirmed That Peter Anthony (D-ENRG) Will Also Be Able To Get 300 Lt Of AVGAS Either At The Time Of His Arrival 7th August Evening Or The Following Morning Before He Departs. They Will Keep The Tanker @Yenişehir For Him One More Day, Before It Heads Back To Their Sabiha Gokcen Base.

In other words, end good all good.

Bursa Yenisehir airport LTBR
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