Annual checkflight


Something every glider pilot needs to do at the beginning of the season is the annual chack flight. I paid my annual fees to my flying club in Fayence (France) and asked Fayence veteran Jean Magne (83 years old but a very fit man and since more than 50 years a flying instructor) to go for a nice checkflight with me in the mountains. We took the Duo Discus of the club and prepared for a mountain flight.

However, the airfield of Fayence has some particularities. It is located in the Southern Alps but also relative close to the French Mediterranean coast, meaning it is sometimes hard to get out of the so called local area. That means, getting over the Mount Lachens at 1700m MSL.

The Fayence airfield is located at 220m above sea level. However, we failed to get out of the local area. We never climbed higher than 1100m on our 37 minutes flight.

We did not get out of the local Fayence area

Too bad. So I took some pictures/videos of the local area and made a selfie of Jean Magne before flying back to the Fayence airfield

Flight instructor Jean Magne
Chateau du Puy in Tourrettes

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