Altisurfaces in the French Alps


Landing and taking off from Altiports is spectacular and thrilling, but our French instructor Dominique took us now to two altisurfaces.

First, we’ve been visiting and landing on the altisurface of St Jean d’Arves. Code name is LF7331. It is located high in the Alps nearby Pra Sauge and Pré Vernay Saint. Approaching this place isn’t like anything I’ve seen in my 35 year life as a pilot. Here we have a slop/gradient of some 15% and a length of only 330m (width some 50m). All of this at an altitude of 5950 feet.

Both Ludo and Kristof have been landing on these altisurfaces. The second one we visited was even more spectacular, it felt as we were part of some kind of James Bond movie. The second altisurface is called Vallare/Bonnenuit (good night) and has the code LF7332. It is located at 5600 feet.

We never felt insecure although these places are definitively the most dangerous ones in the world, but also the most spectacular ones.

The three of us were so happy we have been able to experience these altiports and altisurface experiences, it is something I can recommend to every pilot.

If you like to do so, please join for the 29th edition during the first weekend of September 2016.

After enjoying these altiports and altisurface experiences, we headed back to Grenoble Le Vesoud and from there we flew back in our Cessna to Annecy. What an absolutely exciting day.

In the evening, we enjoyed a group dinner with the other pilots and from there we went discovering the nightlife of Annecy…and ended up only at 5am in our beds

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