Aerokurier magazine no longer working in Ipad


There was an issue with loading the Aerokurier magazine on my Ipad. I have a quite recent Ipad (Air version), but after upgrading to IOS8, the app was no longer functioning. I tried many things, nothing worked…and thus I had no longer access to my Aerokurier magazines.

Chatting with the helpdesk providing the solution, which I like to copy here as there are many non Germans which have may have the same issue

Nathalie Lehn (Motorpresse) learned me I had to change the following settings on my iPad:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Scroll right side down to “Language & Region”
  • Section “Preferred Language Order”
  • Add Language and select “Deutsch (German)”

Yes, now I have gotten all my magazines back online

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