A Feathered Surprise: Bird Nest Found in Blackwing Cowling


Hello fellow aviators,

I wanted to share an unexpected discovery a fellow aviator made recently while inspecting our shared hangar. To my surprise, they found a bird nest tucked inside the cowling of my Blackwing! This unexpected visitor serves as a great reminder of the importance of thorough pre-flight checks.

I’ll be heading to the hangar as soon as possible to carefully remove the nest and ensure there’s no damage or debris left behind. Birds often look for warm, sheltered spots for nesting, and aircraft can unfortunately become prime real estate for them.

To prevent this from happening in the future, I’ve ordered a new Clouddancers canopy and cowling cover. These covers are excellent for keeping our planes protected from such intrusions.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few steps to follow:

  • 1. Safety First: Ensure the bird is not inside the nest before attempting to remove it. Birds can sometimes return to their nests if disturbed.
  • 2. Careful Removal: Gently remove the nest and any nesting materials, taking care not to damage any aircraft components.
  • 3. Inspect for Damage: Check for any signs of damage or foreign objects that could have been brought in with the nest. Birds often bring in twigs, leaves, and other debris that could interfere with the aircraft’s systems.
  • 4. Prevention: Consider using bird deterrents or cowling covers to prevent future nesting.

Here’s a photo of the nest nestled snugly in the cowling. It’s a good reminder of the surprises nature can bring, even in the world of aviation.

Stay safe and happy flying!

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