Flights tales

North Sea weekend at Norderney

July 2, 2020

We’re getting married !

May 28, 2020

This Friday, We are getting formally married. Kika and I know each other from the mid-’90s, we’re formally engaged since 1999 and our son was born back in 2009. We however never formally married. The Covid-19 crisis with its confinement brought us closer to each other and so we are now marrying this Friday, May…


Last pre-Corona flight

March 16, 2020

Annual check flight On March 14th, 2020 I conducted my most recent flight in a Cessna 182. I flew from Luxembourg to Trier airfield with Bernard Frechen for my annual check flight. The weather was so-so, but flyable. I did some 5 touches and go’s at Trier airfield. The check flight went seamless. Not bad…


From Genk-Zwartberg to Parma (Part 4): exploring Parma

August 18, 2019

Tourism The next morning, we discover the Parma area. Not many tourists around for mid -August. This region is so beautiful and full of historic buildings. Wonderfull! We enjoy it very much. Mimi brings us to “La Rocca”, that seems to be the best store to get ham and cheese from Parma. Mimi Vinckenbosch moved…


From Genk-Zwartberg to Parma (Part 3) : The bay of Genua

August 17, 2019

Preparing to take off We are in Cannes right now, preparing to take off for Parma this morning. According to Aeroweather, skies are clear, but on the satellite picture, it tells me something different. Maybe a thin cloud layer in the Bay of Genua. Anyway, we’re going for it. It is the first time I’ll…


From Genk-Zwartberg to Parma (Part 2): stopover in Cannes

August 16, 2019

Changing plans There’s a lot of rain on its way to Luxembourg on this long August 15 weekend. I planned to go to a pilot’s fly-in in Kalinigrad initially and meet there with a Polish pilot, and attend an AOPA supported event, but as I fly VFR, seems not to be a good idea to…


From Genk-Zwartberg to Parma (Part 1) : the departure

August 14, 2019

A new engine for the Mooney I drive to Hasselt to visit my mother, who’s 89 years old now. After staying overnight at her house together with my son, my mother drops me off the next morning at the Genk-Zwartberg airfield. Today, we are going to pick up the Mooney of our flying club. The…


Private flight to Fayence : flying back to Luxembourg :

July 29, 2019

Return delayed due to bad weather Bad weather followed us to Fayence and the next day looks really bad. Impossible to take off again and so we have to wait until the sun appears again the next day. Bad weather never takes long in Fayence however and the next morning, I woke up with clear…


Private flight from Luxembourg to Fayence – GDL69 failure

July 28, 2019

A hot Summer day flight My family and me remember late July 2019 in Luxembourg for its extreme hot record temperatures of 40 degrees Celcius. I’ve booked since quite some time a Cessna 172 SP – call sign LX-AIO – at my flying club Aéro-Sport for a long weekend fly-out. I always enjoy when my…


Part 4: From Castellane (ES) to Almeria (ES)

May 22, 2019

Southern Spain Franky and me enjoyed a lot flying around the Spanish coastline. We rapidly approached Almeria where we considering making another fuel stop. There was a bit more wind in the Almeria region, but the views were absolutely stunning. Melilla: yes or no ? We have been flying two hours when approaching Almeria and…