From Luxembourg to Fayence with friends

Windy mountains

As the Mistral blows hefty in the Rhone Valley and the weather maps shows me that there is way less wind in the mountains, I decide after Grenoble to follow the mountain route. After a couple of minutes, we see that the ceilings do not allow us to fly over the mountains. Tricky. Further, in no time, the wind picks up and we get in some heavy wind gusts. Damned, this is not good and I’m glad we have other pilots on board. Being thrown with your head to the ceiling of your plane is not funny.

As we get shaken more and more, we decide to climb out and plot a new route out of these wind fields in the pre-Alps. Let’s get out of here! Things calm down again shortly after. We continue our flight and arrived seamlessly to my beloved Fayence airfield (LFMF). Only a couple minutes after our landing, a thunderstorm comes over the airfield…it rains and rains

Landed with stunning views of the castle, overseeing the airfield

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