From Luxembourg to Fayence with friends

Cessna 182

The initial plan was to fly together with Luxembourger Guy and my son Alejandro to Billund, Denmark to visit Legoland. Denmark is complicated this year because of Covid-19. Therefore, the plans changed and we agreed to go for a weekend with Guy, his spouse Chantal en my nephew Franky to Fayence in Southern France. The Cessna 182 with call sign LX-AIX is perfectly suited for this.

Take-off in Luxembourg goes smoothly and we are heading south. Views are stunning as always. Some two hours later, we land at Bourg-Cyzerat (LFHS) for refueling and changing pilots. Corona 19 made a victim as the airfield restaurant disappeared. Continuing with an empty stomach is not an option. Whilst considering options, I get into talks with a Czech pilot who also landed at Bourg. He transports some stuff for a Quad. The van driver of the quad company is willing to drive us to a nearby restaurant. Great plan for hungry souls ! The ride proved to be rough as we had to stay in the back of the van (completely dark, sitting on the ground between machines)

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