arrival at Natakthari airfield in Georgia (UGSA)

After being validated for an overland flight by the Georgian central dispatching unit, all our planes left subtropical Batumi in the morning and headed for our final destination, being the general aviation airfield of Natakthari (UGSA), north of Georgian’s capital city Tbilisi. This airfield has a hotel and swimming pool at the same facilities. It proved to be a perfect stayover location. We had also lots of children with us on this rally, which strengthed the family atmosphere of the rally

The owner of the airfield, Amiran Manjavidze, organized a huge welcome party for the European aviators with dance, music and whilst tasting the excellent Georgian food and wines of his own vineyards. The Chairman of the faction Georgian Dream, Gia Volski, attended the event and was quite enthusiastic when we rolled the flag of the Schengen agreement.

dance and music party was organized for the first European aviators arriving in Georgia

welcomed by Gia Volksi, chairman of Georgian dream in the Georgian parliament

The Luxembourg Schengen flag arrived in Georgia

Gia Volksi and Peter Sodermans

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