LHUD Szeged customs and AVGAS stop

We will be leaving Jakabszállás – Hungary and the Schengen area early in the morning on August 6. There will be no customs available at LHJK, meaning we need to insert a customs stop at LHUD Szeged, which is on our way.

LHUD Szeged

We’ve contacted them and asked customs to be present. There’s also AVGAS available.

echnical info
AFIS Signal Szeged Info
Frequency 122,800 MHz
ARP co-ordinates (16 runway threshold) 4615 02,87N  02005 20,62E
Altitude above sea level 80 m (262 ft)
Location 5 km to the west from Szeged city center
Runway (asphalt) 16R / 34L ; 1185 m x 30 m
Runway (grassy) 16L / 34R ; 1177 m x 50 m (grass)
Traffic area 6000 m2 (grass)
Fuel AVGAS 100LL, JET-A1 Kerosene

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