Martha’s Vineyard Katama airfield

I was for my work in the US last week and stayed over the weekend on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard island, south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It was since quite a while on my bucket list.  Whilst being here, I toured the island by myself on a bike and went to the Katama airfield for lunch. 

Great scenery with plenty of people inside, which had to do with the strong winds over there. What I enjoyed particular, is the vintage plane which is flying around over there

Georgia – Memorial Hans Gutmann

We’ve already received nearly 30 persons who announced their interest to participate at the rally to Georgia this summer. We have some fast planes as well as LSA participating. We hope to present a detailed program in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned !

Skydemon just added Turkey to their list of countries they provide services for. That will help the VFR pilots flying to Georgia.

flyer Georgia

We now have finished a flyer about our upcoming rally to Georgia this August, as we’ve found a solution for getting Avgas in Turkey and (most likely) in Georgia as well.

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