Early morning flight to Grenoble Le Vesoud

On Day 2 (Sep 5, 2015) of our fly out to Annecy in the French Alps, the plan is to go for a mountain excursion. Jean Birgen arranged that we have got 5 local mountain flying instructors available. Our instructor, called Dominique, was waiting for us at the Grenoble airfield at 9am, we learned the evening in advance.

So early morning of Day 2, we hurried up for breakfast and took off with our Cessna from Annecy to Grenoble, some 45 nautical miles after having refueled our plane. This short flight proved to be scenic and we landed less than an hour later (sharp at 9am) at the Grenoble (Le Vesoud) airfield.

It was a good idea to have refueled in Annecy, as in Grenoble, you could only purchase fuel if you have a BP-Card and the local Chamber of Commerce operating the installation was closed that day.

Cleared for take off

our Cessna Skyhawk 172 with call sign OO LVA

Pontius Pilatus

Selfie from the backseat

leaving Annecy

a different view after take off

the beauty of the French Alps

Lakes everywhere

A huge cross on the top of a hill

Hills left and right of us


Scenic flight

Here’s a small video of this flight…original sounds and with no added music 🙂

Landing in Grenoble Le Vesoud

a young female pilot (unknown to me)

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