Soaring briefing Fayence France

The airfield of Fayence-Tourrettes (LFMF) benefits of more than 300 flying days a year, which is quite exceptional. If you like to rent a sailplane (glider) for the day, you need to make sure that you express your intentions to the chiefpilot, Regis Kunz, at 9am. He puts all demands together and distributes the planes. At 9.30 am there’s a detailed weather briefing which is always well attended, last week there were sometimes more than 50 people present. It is the daily mass for the pilots.

The three sites the chief pilot presents are:
2) Meteociel : detailed forecast per city
3) Meteo Parapente : The chief pilot, Regis Kunz, runs the audience through a detailed prevision of all the places pilots may like to attend on that particular day. What I very much like about these charts, that one gets an indication of cloud basis per hour per place…really amazing stuff

This weather briefing takes some 20 minutes. Afterwards, batteries and parachutes are collected and pilots go to the hangard to collect and prepare their sailplanes.

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